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"You're a bit of a legend in my book (I've been reading stuff you've written for years)"

- Kenyata Sullivan (Majestic Twelve, WE Festival)

"Hi Outsight, I enjoy your coverage of relevant music..."

- Mary Lorson (Mary is "...a bit of a veteran at this point, having released 7 albums in the last decade (with Madder Rose on Atlantic and CV/spinART), played in the touring bands of Tanya Donelly and Willard Grant Conspiracy, scored several films, and still happily slugging away!")

"Outsight is great; I'd think that even if I didn't get that nice review from you."

- David Clement

"Thomas--thanks so much for your kind words. Your writing is concise and informative, much better than most reviewer stuff. Thanks again!"

- Jenn Lindsay

"Your site is an oasis in a huge ocean of garbage and inane rantings that make up music webpages. It's a model of broad-minded thinking about music and we need to see a lot more of that."

- Jason Gross, Perfect Sound Forever online music magazine

"[W]ho the hell woulda thought you had a brain hidden in there? But enough about you! I must say that i was impressed by your pages, you dont seem to be another follow the masses critic praising Pearl Jam's every move. The diversity of your musical interest astounds me. Congrats on a good job! keep it up, because now we know you can, and will expect it!"


"Hi Tom! I have been checking out your Web site on a regular basis and have always found it interesting ... and ever-changing; the freshness of both content and approach is appreciated..."

- Irene Van Brunschot

"You are a Niagara of music journalism!"

- Claude Solnick, former editor of The Manhattan Mirror

"Outsight is outta sight!"

- Dana of Detroit's hardworking Motor Dolls

"Just a short note to thank you for reviewing Afflictoin in your Outsight column, I appreciate of luck with your work."

- Mark Hejnar

"I enjoyed your web-site a great deal...I wrote afumnny anecdote aboutSpirit that I will pass on to you. If you want to use it for the page please feel free. I would behonored...

"When I was 17 years old I had an opportunity to help out Spirit as a roadie. The Son OfSpirit album was just out and an older friend of mine (throughsome machinations that I havenever been able to figure out) became their road manager. Thiswas to be Spirit's big comeback,John Locke had just re-joined and there seemed to be a lot (well,maybe not a lot... but some)push from Mercury Records.

In those days, the band had no song list on stage, They would all kind of look to Randy and he would launch into whatever he thought was appropriate and the rest of the band would join in. But the night at the Whisky-Au-Go-Go in Hollywood would be different. Their manager, Marshall Berle (Uncle Miltie's nephew!!!?), had convinced several Mercury Records staffers to attend the show that evening. Marshall had written out a song list of the Spirit biggies that he insisted that they play. "Fresh Garbage," "Nothing To Hide," "Dark Eyed Woman," "I Got A Line On You" all were on the list. I'm thinking, wow, what a night this will be. At that time Spirit would play almost everything from Spirit of '76 or Son Of Spirit but would rarely play the older stuff.

Before the show Berle made the whole band and crew huddle up and go over the strategy of the night. The band were going to play the classic songs in the order of the list. Randy would count the songs in - rather than just start playing them like usual. And the crew... the crew had to be spot on, paying attention. No slip-ups. The importance of this momentous occasion made a big impression in my teenage brain... no slip-ups! I'm ready.

The lights dim... full house.. my fellow roadie Rick and myself are ready to run out on stage to repair whatever necessary. We're pumped. The band comes out and I can't wait for the opener, "Fresh Garbage," one of my favorites. Oh yeah, I forgot one of the other Marshall Berle instructions to Randy... "keep the talking between songs to a minimum." Hmmmm

Randy walks to the microphone, looks down at Rick and myself crouched in front of the stage ready for anything, winks and says: "Hey, it looks like we have some people from Mercury here... or one of those planets." Then, without a count, launches into "Tampa Jam Electro Jam From The Time Coast," a looooong jammin' type song (it may have been the shock of him doing this but I swear the song lasted at least half an hour).

Poor John Locke. His face made the most amazing contortions as he realized what Randy was doing. I wish that I could have seen Marshall Berle's. Of course, this incredible defiance of authority (and the thumbing his nose at his record company) made Randy one of my heroes. In the course of the following 5 or 6 months I was able to see Randy play a lot of the classic Spirit songs mentioned plus an always amazing Hendrix-like version of "All Along The Watchtower."

To this day, whenever I sit in with a band, I play "Got A Line On You" complete with the weird chords that I learned by watching Randy in action.

- JAH PAUL JO, former Dread Zeppelin guitarist & producer and now Birdcage Records guy.

"Was just slinking my way through the Outsight page you sent--very cool stuff, indeed."

- Richard Levesque of Fuzzy Dice magazine via WebTV

"Hi Tom...had a chance the other night to take a look at your web site...pretty impressive and diverse!"

- Martin Bandyke, Music Director for WDET FM 101.9, Detroit Public Radio

"You definitely have a wonderful thing here. I read every word, and wanted more. It seems like the news i'm interested in, without all the hype, rumour and commercial BS that has made me stay away from mags and fanzines in the last years. I'm not kissing your ass, i'm being serious. Whether you like it or not i'm linking you on my site, People should get this."

- E-mail from Chris Milne, Mucky Pup

"You win! I like your page, and your approach. It's been added to my files as a bookmark, and I'll put it on my web site as a link. Good luck with it!"

- ZRTLM, aka Zoogz Rift

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