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Tom "Tearaway" Schulte's Current Reading List

Moby Dick ( Herman Melville )
Yes, it is as good as people say!
ISBN: 0142437247

Paradoxia: A Predator's Diary ( Lydia Lunch )
Lydia was a naughty girl. Watch for my review of this book on
ISBN: 1933354356

Signature Killers ( Robert Keppel )
I got interested in Keppel by reading of him working with Bundy to catch Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer, but this book reads too much like a textbook.
ISBN: 1416585796

Breakfast of Champions ( Kurt Vonnegut )
My body keeps getting older, but I believe I keep my mind young returning to Vonnegut.
ISBN: 0385334206

Digital Mantras ( Holtzman, Steven R. )
Perhaps my favorite Xmas gift this year!
ISBN: 0262581434

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My Wish List - mostly things I hope to add to my Reading List

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